Same Day Loans

Serving Garland, Arlington, Dallas & the Surrounding Areas

Same day personal loans are a fast and convenient option that allow you to get the money you need the on same day you apply. They are ideal for anyone who needs fast cash to cover an emergency situation. They are most often used to cover an unexpected car repair, necessary home repair, or an unforeseen medical expense.

Get a loan the same day. Same day loans are convenient for a number of reasons: it does not require a credit check, so it’s accessible even if you have bad credit. They are unsecured, so you don’t have property or collateral to lose, which makes them popular. They also have very few requirements attached; this makes a same day loan quick and easy to obtain.

Where to get a personal loan: If you are considering a Same-Day Loan, depending on your loan amount, we have convenient monthly payment options available with predictable interest rates so you’re always in control of your finances. Apply online for a personal loan today with Time Finance Company, Inc. Our customer service team will contact you back in regards to your installment loan application and schedule an in-office visit.

Predictable Payments To Keep You On Track

We understand that sometimes you need fast cash to cover an emergency situation. The professionals at Time Finance Company , Inc. can help. We are committed to getting you the money you need as quickly as possible. Reach out to our professionals today to learn more about our same-day loans. We serve Dallas, Arlington, Garland, and the surrounding areas of Texas; we have English and Spanish speakers on staff for your convenience.

Common Questions

How much can I borrow?

We offer Personal Loans that fit your needs. Whether it’s to cover a small expense or improve your home we offer personal loans between $150 – $1,460.

How does the repayment period look like?

Our min/max repayment period is 2 – 13 months.

What is the max APR rate?

Please call or email us for more information. Below are a few examples.
2 months for a max loan of $1,460 with an APR 81.57%
13 months for a max loan of $1,460 with an APR 82.30%
2 months for the lowest loan of $150 with an APR is 141.38%

How much interest do you charge each month and per every $100?

The interest on our loans are equal to $4 for each $100 borrowed each month. For Example: if you borrow $200 for 4 months. You will pay $4 x 2=$8 per month and times that by 4 months. So, $8 x 4 months= $32 in interest. Plus, the 10% acquisition charge of $20. Brings the total interest and fees come to $52 if you take the full 4 months to payoff your loan. The State of Texas sets our interest